A five-year research program exploring the impacts of industry restructuring.


In partnership with major industry and a leading group of international researchers, and funded by the Australian Research Council, the Future Work Future Communities research team aims to shed light on how Australia’s workforce and communities will engage with the world of work in a future shaped by new business models and disruptive technologies.

Using the closure of the automotive industry as a lens into this topic, our research provides new insights into how displaced workers find work, use services, relate to others, and reshape their futures. It explores the community-wide impacts of restructuring, providing new perspectives on how local resources and public policies best support the process of adjustment.

This research helps governments and major employers create the jobs of the future. Analysis of how individual workers and communities respond to restructuring provides a firm foundation for future policies and action by governments as well as large and small enterprises. It reduces the costs associated with industry restructuring and assists in delivering a higher quality workforce, resulting in more effective public and private sector programs, and better futures for affected workers.

Have you been invited to complete one of our surveys for former auto-workers and would like to find out more about participation? Click on the link below!


New Journal Article

Career degradation in Australian cities: globalization, precarity and adversity

Helen Dinmore & Andrew Beer, June 2022

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