Participants have been directly invited to participate in the Future Work, Future Communities research project. Former autoworkers have been invited to participate in our:

Longitudinal survey for retrenched autoworkers

Participants who participated in the 2020 round of the longitudinal survey will be recontacted between May and July 2021 to see how their circumstances may have changed.

In development of the 2021 survey, we have produced an updated version of the Participation Information which you can find here. The changes have been made to make some more information clearer as well as to update some of the contact information.

If you have been contacted and would like to organise a time, please call EY Sweeney on 1800 35 77 39 between Monday to Friday (8:30am to 8:30pm AEST) or email [email protected] (quote project number 30948). EY Sweeney are conducting the interviews on behalf of the University of South Australia.

In-depth interviews

We have directly invited participants of the longitudinal survey to gain an in-depth understanding of their circumstances. We are currently running two sets of interviews.

Interviews led by Andrew Beer

Interviews led by Sally Weller

Please make the time to read the relevant participant information above. These documents outline important details of the projects including risks, benefits and confidentiality

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us for further information about participation in the project